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Guitar, Bass, and Beginner Piano/Drums/Ukulele

All Rates apply for in person or online lessons.

For the full list of studio policies/contact sheet click here  

Single Session

$30 for Thirty Minutes 

Monthly Sessions

4 Lessons, discounted, $108

Hour Session

$60 for Thirty Minutes or a discounted rate $216 for the month. Hour sessions that pay by the month will receive a free string change every 3 months. 

Siblings Discount

$184 for the month.

Lessons can be taught to match the student's musical genre preferences. Lesson goals include learning how to read music, sight read, understand tablature / chord charts, and music by ear.  A folder will be given with all proper learning materials. Guaranteed to provide the best service possible, with a safe and fun learning environment! Contact me by email or phone to book a session!

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