Guitar, Bass, and Beginner Piano/Drums/Ukulele


All rates apply for in person or online lessons. 

Single Session

$30 for 1/2 hour 

Monthly Session

4 lessons for $108 (Discount)

Hour Session

$60 for the hour 


$216 for the month (Discount) 

Hour sessions that pay by the month will receive a free string change every 3 months. 


Fort Worth Location

Monday, Tuesday, Friday : 12pm-8pm

Saturday : 10am-2pm

Online Lessons are available through Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, or your preferred app! 

Denton Lessons are only available on Thursday 9am-6pm 

Closed Wednesday temporarily due to Coronavirus!

If a time does not meet expectations, Kris Wallace Music will do the best to help find the perfect schedule to meet your needs! 

Lessons can be taught to match the student's musical genre preferences. Lesson goals include learning how to read music, sight read, understand tablature / chord charts, and music by ear.  A folder will be given with all proper learning materials. Guaranteed to provide the best service possible, with a safe and fun learning environment! Contact me by email or phone to book a session!


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